World's top authority on sports massage, honorary president of WSM, AA Birukov
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As a scientist and organizer since 1952, he has worked with scientists from the Complex Sciences group to prepare athletes for the Olympics, World Universiades, World Championships and other international competitions.
Anatoly Andreevich has made a valuable contribution to the development of sports and therapeutic massage in our country and around the world. For the development of various programs and complex methods of training Soviet and Russian athletes, he was awarded honorary certificates and degrees. Winner of the Medal of the Order of Merit of the Fatherland, II degree, Medal of Friendship and Certificate of Honor of the President of the Russian Federation "Services in the development of physical education and sports, high sports achievements in the world Universiades and Olympic Games", winner of the Pierre de Coubertin medal for the greatest field of development of the Olympic movement .
He contributed to the globalization of sports massage while serving as the first president of the WSM World Sports Massage Federation.